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I almost forgot today is Fathers' Day, until Mike suggested for us to go to Sakura for buffet dinner. The food was mediocre, but with adequate variety - or at least enough to satisfy Dad.

You know, try as I might, sometimes I forget.

I get blinded by my traumatic memory of the past, I don't see how hard you are trying to make it up in the present.

I forget that I still love you.

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Oh, brother!

William and I shared the kitchen today, with him cooking spaghetti bolognese and me making my chicken salad. While I'd say I'm pretty adept at cooking spaghetti bolognese as well, it never tastes quite as good as his. Then again, he was the first to pick up cooking amongst us (Mike never did) and even once worked in Coffee Club as an assistant cook, though only for a short period of time.

After brunch, he packed a portion of the spaghetti bolognese and chicken salad into a lunchbox to bring to his girlfriend (my brother is such a good catch), who was working at Holland Village. I was puzzled though, when he put on his cycling gear.

Me: I thought you were going to meet your girlfriend?
Him: Yah, she's at Holland Village.
Me: And you're cycling there?
Him: Why not? I ran there before.
Me: !

yeah baby

Beautiful people everywhere

Each time I surf through Lookbook, I wonder where do all these beautiful, well-dressed people come from. After a while, however, your eyes grow accustomed to such beauty and you start to think that everyone looks similar, with no one better than the other. So when I saw Nancy's illustrations of herself, alongside her outfit photos, I was pleasantly surprised.

Her attention to details in her Photoshop illustrations is one I admire the most. I always thought self-portrait was the hardest to master, because the way you look at yourself may not be the way others see you, but she made it seem so effortless.

I remember when I was still an annoying kid, my older female cousin loved drawing various outfits on faceless figures, before proudly holding them up and telling me that one day, she would be a fashion designer. Her artful drawings made me look up to her in awe, but she is a doctor now.

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These words become meaningless the moment I say it

"...and when at last you find someone to whom you feel you can pour out your soul, you stop in shock at the words you utter – they are so rusty, so ugly, so meaningless and feeble from being kept in the small cramped dark inside you so long." (Sylvia Plath)

I never liked Plath, because the morbidity in her works pains me. I never managed to get through The Bell Jar.

I didn't want to think like her.

funny faces

Don't mind me, I'm thirteen.

I think I've been too accustomed to watching American films, because it actually took me a while to get used to the strong British accent in this movie. Nevertheless, the hilarious, yet no less endearing, plot more than makes up for it.

Jas: "You're so voluptuous."
Georgia: "Are you saying I'm fat?"

I thought it reminded me of Bend It Like Beckham, not just because of it being a British film, but also the wicked sense of humour the protagonist has on herself. True enough, it was directed by Gurinder Chadha, the same director for the latter.

Alright, but the real reason why you need to watch it?

Georgia: "You think I'm perfect."
Robbie: "I think you're mad. You're perfect for me."

Move aside, Zac and Robert, Aaron's here.

Edit (170609): Oh my, I'm currently reading the ten-book series by Louise Rennison and I think I'm ten now. Fabulousity fabbity fab fab!

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