July 5th, 2009

yeah baby


There is no use hiding it. I have a keen interest on Japan, from its dorama, anime and manga to its culture, language and fashion - their ingenuity never fails to amaze me. Amongst my many dreams, I want to live in Japan for at least a year, but I haven't even been there.

Jason was telling me about his trip to Japan some time ago, which made me extremely envious, but I also discovered his love for Japanese culture and he even took up Japanese language lessons thereafter. So when I found out about the Sunday Japanese class at Casual Poet, I asked him and Dean (who is also a Japanophile) along. Allan joined us too, when Dean said he couldn't make it for the first lesson. At twenty bucks per session, it is actually pretty expensive for a casual class. We went ahead today to see if it'd be worth the money and it turned out to be rather enriching - if only I weren't late and they had prepared enough materials for all!

Now that I've made the first step (well, self-study doesn't count), I got to be serious about making this dream of mine come true, eh?

Via Casual Poet