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Happy New Year!

Mike's chalet@ecp yesterday was okay, but it was kinda out of place for me to stay in an area full of his friends. However, the highlight of the day would have to be seeing Ms Chew (a.k.a Mrs Tan) and her family! It was quite funny because we (me, Jae and Sa) were so engrossed in talking that we didn't hear somebody calling our names (for quite some time). However, when we finally heard a very familiar voice calling all our names at once (which seemed like her last attempt to catch our attention), we all turned around simultaneously, knowing who to look out for. After seeing the small figure (carrying a baby!) standing right beside us across the bicycle lane, we started screaming and running towards her! Haha, it was a funny sight. I wanted to scream "Ms Chew!" but Sa and Jae screamed her name before me, so I ended up going "AHHHHHHH!!" Well, it was really nice seeing my mentor again. :)

Today, I woke up with a running nose, slight headache and I couldn't stop sneezing! What a way to start the new year, huh. Wait. This must be a sign. (Or am I reading too much into it?) Hm.

Had a nice family dinner and chat with William as he accompanied me to get my new diary for the year and we both bought a new refillable organiser (my old one was too colourful for my age) of the same design! Ha. Guess what will happen to his, when mine is spoilt...hee. -evil smile-

So anyways, it's the start of the new year. I was trying to think of some new year resolutions to make this entry more substantial, but I realised that I would not want to be tied down by my own words. However, I do have two words for myself (and everyone): Move on.

There is absolutely no point in trying to pray and hope for world peace and less suffering because all these (ie. natural disasters) cannot be helped. Besides, without suffering, there would be no compassion (right, very cliche). Well, unfortunate events are bound to happen, it's a matter of whether we can move on from it. Everyone has a sad story of their own. Just remember, you are not alone.

Blessings for 2006! :)
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