As you move on, remember me, remember us and all we used to be.

I started ranting writing on this journal in 2001. I can't really remember why I chose cindy_lightbulb as my user name, but I know it has something to do with me obsessing over the drawing of a light bulb then (don't judge me, I was fifteen). If you think about it metaphorically, it could symbolise the formation of a brilliant idea.

Also, before I'm Sinnie, I was Cindy/Sindy. These are nick/names that sound like my real name, Sin Yee. Given a choice, I like the name Renée, which means reborn.

You know, it doesn't seem too long ago, but it has been eight years. This journal holds some of the most important memories in my life (though majority on school), a slice of which I've kept for myself and the rest, I've shared with you.

Now that I'm moving on to a new phase in my life, I ought to start anew.

Life only gets better - if you know where to find me.

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I've graduated!

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Jive drive

There are a lot of things I wanna accomplish before I start working and driving is one of them. I seem to have made quite a few first steps, in terms of personal development, but what matters the most is that I see it through!

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There is no use hiding it. I have a keen interest on Japan, from its dorama, anime and manga to its culture, language and fashion - their ingenuity never fails to amaze me. Amongst my many dreams, I want to live in Japan for at least a year, but I haven't even been there.

Jason was telling me about his trip to Japan some time ago, which made me extremely envious, but I also discovered his love for Japanese culture and he even took up Japanese language lessons thereafter. So when I found out about the Sunday Japanese class at Casual Poet, I asked him and Dean (who is also a Japanophile) along. Allan joined us too, when Dean said he couldn't make it for the first lesson. At twenty bucks per session, it is actually pretty expensive for a casual class. We went ahead today to see if it'd be worth the money and it turned out to be rather enriching - if only I weren't late and they had prepared enough materials for all!

Now that I've made the first step (well, self-study doesn't count), I got to be serious about making this dream of mine come true, eh?

Via Casual Poet


This too shall pass

A while ago, Mian recommended a Japanese film (Departures/Okuribito) to me, because she thought I'd like it like she did. She didn't elaborate much on the film, except for the fact that it won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2009 Oscars, so I went to google it myself. After realising that a large part of the film is on funerals, I avoided watching it.

I'm not good at dealing with departures and funerals scare me. I went for my uncle's service in Malacca a few years ago, but I ran away the night before the actual ceremony. I still have memories of hearing the nails being hammered into the coffin, my brother crying, thinking that we would never get to see her face again and the finality of reality setting in. I can deal with the memories, but I can't deal with reality.

I'm so tired of running away.

After some contemplation, I wanted to know what made this film worthy of an Academy Award, so I watched it anyway. The pace of the film is slow, so much so that I got distracted a couple of times. Because of that, however, there was a calm sense of strength underlying the development of the plot, flowing serenely with the deep, soothing notes of the cello, played by the protagonist. It is definitely different from all the Hollywood Blockbusters with its notable quiet charm, but I shall reserve my judgment on whether it really deserves an Academy Award.

I saw it though - the beauty of death.

No matter if you are tired of loving or tired of hating; whether you are suffering or in pain; whether you are crying and feel your heart breaking; whether you are depressed or disappointed, angry or upset - such is life and it ends with death, but so do joy and the happiness of living. To know that there is an end to all our pain and happiness, is life comforting or cruel?

Death may be inevitable, but it doesn't mean we don't have to live. In fact, all the more we should live till it drains us, love till it hurts, try till we fail, because someday, this too shall pass.

cheerful leap

I'm graduating!

If you're free, pop down NUS for my Commencement Ceremony at University Cultural Centre on 7th July 2009 (Tuesday)! What an auspicious date, don't you think?

Come at 11.30am when the ceremony ends, so we can take photos together!


Why did you have to leave this way?

I was waiting for the day he'd make a comeback, but not like this. Everyone is now talking about how great an impact he had made on them and how he will always be a legend, but why didn't these voices come out when he was called "Wacko Jacko"?

I'm not his fan, because if I were, I'd think death was a release for him, but how can he rest in peace? His fire was out when it wasn't burning the brightest.

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